Lindsay writes for academic and popular audiences, from Nature Physics to The Atlantic

| Journal Articles

  • Spatial fluctuations of helical Dirac fermions on the surface of topological insulators, Nature Physics, 7, 939 (2011). (with Haim Beidenkopf, Pedram Roushan, Jungpil Seo, Ilya Drozdov, Yew San Hor, R. J. Cava & Ali Yazdani)

  • How Democracies Can Win the Information Contest, The Washington Quarterly, 2020. (with Laura Rosenberger)

  • China’s Data Ambitions: Strategy, Emerging Technologies, and Implications for Democratic Values, National Bureau on Asian Research. (August 2021)

| Reports

  • DARPA Urban Challenge: Princeton University Technical Paper (2007). (with Anand Atreya, Bryan Cattle, Safiyy Momen, Brendan Collins, Alex Downey, Gordon Franken, Jon Glass, Zach Glass, Josh Herbach, Andrew Saxe, Issa Ashwash, Chris Baldassano, Will Hu, Umar Javed, Jonathan Mayer, David Benjamin, Derrick Yu)

  • A Future Internet for Democracies: Contesting China’s Dominance in 5G, 6G, and the Internet-of-Everything, The Alliance for Securing Democracy, October 2020.

  • No Hands on Deck: US and Australian Progress in Autonomous Warfare at Sea, The United States Studies Centre, March 2019.

  • 5G Tech Factsheet for Policymakers, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center, Spring 2020. (with Hugo Yen, David Simpson, Amritha Jayanti)

  •  A Silicon Curtain is Descending: Technological Perils of the Next 30 Years, The German Marshall Fund of the United States, September 2019. (part of the GMF Reassessing 1989 Collection)

  • Not Just Dance Videos: How Candidates are Using TikTok in the US Midterms, The Alliance for Securing Democracy, October 2022. (with Nash Miller)

  • The Weaponized Web: The National Security Implications of Data, The Alliance for Securing Democracy, May 2021. (with Bret Schafer, Clara Tsao, and Dipayan Ghosh)

  • A Thirteen-Point Plan to Launch a New and Improved Transatlantic Alliance, The German Marshall Fund of the United States, January 2021. (with GMF staff)

  • The Weaponized Web: Levers in the Digital Advertising Ecosystem, The Alliance for Securing Democracy, December 2020. (with Dipayan Ghosh, Bret Schafer, and Clara Tsao)

  • Deepfakes and the 2020 Election: How Are the Platforms Poised to Respond? Alliance for Securing Democracy, February 2020. (with Amber Frankland)

  • Online Harms White Paper: Open Consultation Submission to the U.K. Parliament, Alliance for Securing Democracy, June 2019. (with Brad Hanlon and Bret Schafer)

| Op-Eds and Analysis

  • Do China’s ‘Wolf Warrior’ Diplomats Have Any Bite?, Financial Times, April 2021.

  • 5G is Where China and the West Finally Diverge, The Atlantic, January 2020.

  • China tries to push U.S. tech companies around in Hong Kong. Here’s how to push back., NBC Think, July 2020. (with Karen Kornbluh)

  • Trump’s weak trade deal with China completely ignores the big picture, Los Angeles Times, January 2020.

  • Pineapple War Shows Taiwan Won’t Be Bullied by Beijing, Foreign Policy, March 2021.

  • U.S. Firms Are Helping Build China’s Orwellian State, Foreign Policy, March 2019. (with Matt Schrader)

  • The U.S. Needs to Get in the Standards Game—With Like-Minded Democracies, Lawfare, April 2020.

  • Foreign Interference is a Strategy, Not a Tactic, Lawfare, October 2020. (with Laura Rosenberger)

  • A Way Forward for U.S. Policy on TikTok, Lawfare, November 2020.

  • Companies Like Zoom Must Choose: America or China, Newsweek, June 2020.

  • China’s Zoom Bomb, ChinaFile, June 2020. (in conversation)

  • And now some questions for China’s TikTok, EUObserver, June 2020. (with Kristine Berzina and Nad’a Kovalcikova)

  • The United States Can’t Afford to Turn Away Chinese Talent, Foreign Policy, May 2020. (with Elsa B. Kania)

  • NATO Should Count Spending on Secure 5G Towards Its 2% Goals, Defense One, December 2019.

  • US-China Tech Cold War Puts Europe in the Middle, Defense One, June 2019.

  • It’s Time for Congress to Push Companies to Come Forward on Hacks, Just Security, May 2021. (with Amber Frankland)

  • The challenge in securing critical information, Fifth Domain, July 2019.

  • Nevada’s blockchain leadership can safeguard US values, says election security advocate, Reno Gazette-Journal, October 2019.

| Commentary

  • The Good Web: Is There an Authoritarian Model for the Internet? Alliance for Securing Democracy, May 2021.(with Amber Frankland)

  • The Good Web: Tensions in Democratic Responses to Authoritarian Technology Threats, Alliance for Securing Democracy, May 2021. (with Amber Frankland)

  • The Good Web: Democratic Values, Practices, and Procedures, Alliance for Securing Democracy, May 2021. (with Amber Frankland)

  • Combating the Latest Technological Threat to Democracy: A Comparison of Facebook and Twitter’s Deepfake Policies, Alliance for Securing Democracy, January 2020.

  • What Congress Got Right and What it Overlooked at Last Week’s Deepfakes Hearing, Alliance for Securing Democracy, June 2019.

  • Nine Questions Lawmakers Should Ask at the June 13th Hearing on AI and Deepfakes, Alliance for Securing Democracy, June 2019.

  • Q&A with Lindsay Gorman: How Does TikTok Pose a National Security Risk to the United States? Alliance for Securing Democracy, August 2020.

  • Combating the Coronavirus Infodemic: Is Social Media Doing Enough? Alliance for Securing Democracy, March 2020. (with Nathan Kohlenberg)